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About Warren

Owner of the business, Warren has been earthmoving since 1991 and performs subdivisional work, site clearing, building oxidation ponds and forestry tracks.  Forming of new driveways, repairing existing driveways, horse arenas, vehicle entrance ways, prepping sites for new builds, farm tracks and drainage are a few things that the team pride themselves on.  Repairing erosion problems is one of his specialities as well as knowing how to turn under-utilised land into something usable.

Meet Liam

Liam started working with Warren in early 2019, driving the 6-wheeler tip truck and learning to drive the 21 ton and 5 ton diggers. He passed his truck and trailer licence towing our 4 axle tipper trailer, and most recently passing his Level 1 STMS Certificate.  Liam has been part of many projects, digging out new house and shed sites, metaling new and old driveways, farmers races and preparing water tank sites. He is now undertaking all of the organisation of the day to day running of our truck and trailers, subcontracting to various trucking contractors and also to our own clients. 

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